Medicare ("regular Medicare"): I participate in regular Medicare and accept assignment on Medicare claims. Medicare patients are responsible for the 20% not covered by Medicare and the annual deductible; these may be covered by a secondary insurance. I do not participate in any "Medicare Advantage" plans.

Non-medicare patients: I do not participate in any commercial insurance plans. Payment is expected at the time of the visit.

payment methods

in the office

Cash, personal check, credit card.

pay your balance due online

You can pay any balance due using PayPal. Click on the button, and then enter the amount due on PayPal's site.

fee schedule and lab services

The fee for office visits for non-medicare patients will depend on the complexity and the amount of time spent. For example:

One-time, initial visit for minor problem (cold): $150 - $250
Initial, comprehensive evaluation new patient, depending on complexity: $350 - $450
Simple follow-up visit: $100 - $150
Complex follow-up visit: $250 - $350
EKG: $40

Labwork: we draw blood in the office and send it to Quest laboratories or Labcorp (depending on your insurance). The lab will bill you directly.